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Vocal coaching

& voice movement therapy

Coaching sessions with me will help you unravel some of the habits that limit your vocal expression, whilst building strength, flexibility and improved function in the physical structures that support and produce your voice. This work is a powerful way to explore and resolve old stories and perceived limitations or simply to learn about and enjoy your voice more fully while developing its melodic range, timbre and expressivity.

I’ve coached individuals and groups in private practice, business, education and therapeutic settings since 1999. I work with both singers and speakers offering an individually focused methodology, that is practical in its approach, grounded in breath and body and holistic in approach.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss coaching for you or your group.

Voice Movement Therapy Registered. Bound by a professional code of ethics and committed to continuing professional development.

"I wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for your guidance, knowledge and empathy during a course of Voice Movement Therapy sessions I had with you last year. Whilst becoming more relaxed in the use of one's voice and using it to its full potential is a gradual process, I now feel a sense of ease with this process, and experience my voice as something that is ultimately part of the everyday creative expression / process of life which can be used to help others and also have fun with."

Joe Wright

"Your coaching made an enormous difference to me most significantly in permanently changing the way I breath."

Lucy Pow

"I had always been a bit shy about my voice. But when I attended Caroline’s voice course I gained vocal confidence week by week. Caroline led the group with warmth and enthusiasm, encouraging us to explore our voices creatively in singing and speaking. From day one I felt that my voice was appreciated as an expressive and artistic medium despite the little experience I had. As well as teaching us vocal skills – techniques I still refer to when teaching, presenting or performing – Caroline offered creative voice projects/recordings within the class. These were exiting opportunities to play with what we had learned. They challenged me appropriately and I began to feel more like a collaborator than a mere student. I thank Caroline for the lasting skills and beautiful memories."

Performance artist & Pilates teacher

"I arranged coaching from you in order to support me in giving presentations, something often required in my job but that I have always struggled with. The work we did has dramatically increased my confidence in using my voice and in presenting. You introduced me to parts of my voice I never imagined existed. Throughout our sessions you challenged me while always being understanding and supportive. I learnt so much about my voice - and about myself. I also had a fantastic time!"

Caroline Charlton
Business Exellence Manager HEFCE

"I began coaching sessions with Caroline because my voice was weak & I didn't breath well. I had problems at work as I often suffered from strain or even lost my voice. I found the sessions challenging but, over time, have reclaimed not only my voice, but also a deeper sense of support & relaxation from my body & breathing. I continue to benefit from the work we did."

Celia Pearson

"Caroline has a rare talent of being able to integrate her understanding of the mind and body through her yoga practice and her skills as a voice coach. It has been immensely useful both as a recreation to develop voice skills but also as a method of deepening my understanding of the mind body interface".

Clare P
Psychiatrist, NHS

"Much more than a voice coach - Caroline starts where others leave off"

Jolane Abrams

"Caroline lead me through learning the many factors that can affect voice. I never knew there was so much to it. Caroline also struck a careful balance between pushing too hard versus allowing me to stay in my comfort zone. She is a great coach".

Telecommunications Company Chairman

"I really discovered parts of my voice I never knew I had"


"I find her sessions inspiring and confidence boosting. Caroline's teaching is absolutely right for me, it's confident, fun, and takes me beyond my boundaries"


"Caroline joyfully teaches and encourages appreciation of the moving voice in an inspiring, holistically intelligent and fun way"

John P
NHS Psychiatrist and climber

"Caroline's supportive, non-judgmental attitude gave me a space to experience my deepest self in a new and un-chartered way - through my voice....I miss our sessions greatly - the exercises continue to be useful, but I miss the space you create...a rare gift it is!"


"I've been so inspired by you and the rest of the group, so a very big thank you. I hope you know what an intelligent and intuitive teacher you are."

Caroline Pringle

"Caroline's work for me has been the most exquisite opportunity to effectively release, open and thoroughly enjoy my voice."

Christopher Gladwell
Coach and teacher trainer

Some benefits of vocal coaching

Improved breathing capacity

A more physically supported voice

Increased strength and resonance when speaking or singing

A broader palette of vocal colour, tone and range

A growing familiarity with and confidence in your voice

More pleasure in vocal communication

Greater professional impact

More creative freedom and confidence as a vocalist

A sense of embodied presence

An opportunity to explore and transform issues and habits that limit your vocal expression and/or your life

A more congruent ‘tuned in’ sense of self

work with me

One to One

Individually-tailored sessions with an emphasis on building a strong fully embodied voice – whilst including whatever else comes up..

A typical session can include breath and body work, practical warm-ups specific to your voice, extended sound or speech work, song or improvisational work and/or, the broader view of the performance and your personal impact. I give homework suggestions and encourage personal work to be included in sessions when appropriate.

I welcome people of any identity, colour, gender, culture or belief system.


Experienced workshop leader offering courses and workshops in voice production for personal and professional development in business, education and the arts.

I have designed and facilitated many independent courses and workshops in creative voice work, improvisation and vocal presence – and run trainings and workshops in voice production for clients such as Hefce, Bristol University Drama Dept and the NHS. I teach VOCAL ECOLOGY for Yoga Teachers a one or two day module at teacher training level which can be aimed at other training groups. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your groups needs.

Upcoming Workshops

    None currently. I will offer some online work during this time of reduced movement.

    I am available for online work for you or your group.


    If you would like to get in touch, please use any of the methods below or complete the enquiry form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.